Painter Dreamer Explorer

I am at my best when I paint from the soul and let my

spirit guide my hand and choices of color.” 

About Annette

Annette Rivers was trained in the classic arts in Wuerzburg, Germany. Through the many detours of life, she always stayed faithful to painting. Although her favorite medium is acrylic paint on canvas, working from the abstract to the eclectic, she doesn't mind including ink or a wash of watercolors. Inspired by Claude Monet's or Georgia O'Keefe's vision, she expresses herself with bold, bright colors and cheerful subjects.


Annette is a former chef and finds inspiration from her culinary creations on occasion. In addition, her daughter is a veterinarian, which has inspired Annette to create pet portraits as well. Annette resides in Columbia, South Carolina with her two cats, Otto and Ludwig.

 Annette Rivers Art

Painter, Pet Enthusiast, Chef

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